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[WEB-M] maloneys03 aWeb-Master posted Mar 23, 13
Banner change time, contest to make best banner for website, please submit all entrys in forums here

Im back!!!!!

[WEB-M] maloneys03 aWeb-Master posted Mar 23, 13
Sorry ive been gone so long, i will make updates ASAP, ive already updated the matches so check them out!!! HERE


[WEB-M] maloneys03 aWeb-Master posted Feb 10, 13
Welcome to the Feared Killers website. The website will have up to date info for everything, from events to levels. If you would like anything added please message me online alexm13618. If you are thinking about joining there are many reasons to join, such as friendly members, and actively participation in events and much more. If you have any questions post them in the forums.

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Web Master: Alexm13618
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[OWNER] AWESOMEbros347 OWNER  created a new thread Hey Feared killer members we have a youtube channel ... in the Chan Announcements forum
STRIKER 475   joined The Feared Killers
[OWNER] AWESOMEbros347 OWNER  created a new thread 2 hours of MW3 double xp on this friday night 4/12/1... in the Chat forum
[OWNER] AWESOMEbros347 OWNER  created a new thread Whats your favorite SMG for BO2? in the Black ops chat forum
[WEB-M] maloneys03 Web-Master  published Contest on News
[WEB-M] maloneys03 Web-Master  created a new thread Banner in the Contests forum
[WEB-M] maloneys03 Web-Master  published Im back!!!!! on News
[OWNER] AWESOMEbros347 OWNER  created a new thread How do I use Twich to livesteam on bo2 xbox? in the Questions forum
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